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Photo Studio Tutorials

How to combine two or more photos

Combining two or multiple photos is a great way to get creative and produce stunning new images. Easily build a new picture using your own photos, images, and cut-outs.

Photomontage made by combining photos


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Add multiple photos to a background image
  • Cut out an image and add it to a new background
  • Reorder photos on your background
  • Help your images “blend” into the new background

You can do all of this in the Photomontage tab in Photo Studio.

Photomontage icon

Start by opening the photo you want to use as a background or base for the picture, then follow the steps below.


How to add images to your background

If you already have finished images and cliparts ready to combine, you can upload these to the image library.

  • In “My Cut-out images”, click “Add” and upload the image you want to add to the background. Repeat for further images.

Add images icon

  • The new images are saved to the library and are now ready to use

Image in library

  • Drag and drop images onto the background and adjust them using the handles.

Adding an object to the background


How to remove the background from an image and add it to your picture

You can also remove the backgrounds from images before using them. This helps the photos to merge better with the new picture.

  • In “My Cut-out images”, click “Cut out AI” and upload the first photo you want to add to the background.

Cut out AI icon

  • inPixio automatically removes the background. You can use fine-tune selection to adjust the cut-out manually if necessary.

Image with background removed

  • Click “Save and add to the library”. Repeat for further images.
  • Drag and drop the image cut-outs onto the background and adjust them using the handles.

How to reorder photos on your background

If you add multiple images to your photos you might want to re-order them so that they are in front or behind other images.

  • Click an image to select it; you’ll see that the Adjustments menu opens in the right-hand panel.

Reorder options

  • Choose one of the options from the reorder toolbar.
    • Bring to front (puts the image in the foreground)
    • Bring forward (puts the image one position forward)
    • Send backward (puts the image one position back)
    • Send to back (puts the image in the background)

Reorder example


How to help your images “blend” into the new background

Slightly reducing the opacity of images and cut-outs can help them “blend” into the new background. You can do this with the Opacity slider in the Adjustments menu.

  • Click to select one of your images; the Adjustments menu will display automatically in the right-hand panel.
  • Move the opacity slider slightly to the left.

Reducing opacity to blend images


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