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Photo Studio Tutorials

How to add something to a photo

In Photo Studio you can add images and text to your photos to create original pictures and designs.

Before and after adding items to a photo


You’ll find all the options for adding items to a photo in the Photomontage tab.

Photomontage icon


Add images to a photo

You can add new images to a photo to create a montage.

To do this, go to the Cut-out Images section of the Photomontage tab.

Cut-out image icon

Here you can choose an image from the library and drag and drop it onto your photo.

Adding an image to a photo

Or you can cut out one of your own photos and add it to the library.


Add text to a photo

To add text to your photo, go to the Text section of the Photomontage tab.

Text icon

Here you can choose a sample, drag it onto your photo and edit size, color etc.

Alternatively, use your mouse to draw a text box on your photo, and type into it.

Adding a text box


Add stickers to a photo

Stickers are customizable images that you can use to decorate a photo.

Stickers icon

Go to the Stickers section of the Photomontage tab, choose a sticker and drag and drop it onto your photo.

You can adjust the colors using the options in the right-hand panel.

Customizing a sticker


Copy and paste your items to a new background

You can easily copy and paste the items added to your photo onto a new background.

In the Photomontage tab, go the Adjustments section and click the Copy icon.

Copy and paste icons

Open a new background photo, then return to the Adjustments section in Photomontage and click the paste icon.

Your images, text, stickers will appear on the new background in the same position.

Items copied onto new background


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