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Photo Studio Tutorials

Using the Erase Tool

What is Erasing?

You can use an automatic eraser software to remove items from a photo. It will fill the “erased” area intelligently with colors pulled from the surrounding image data.

Automatic erasing works best on photos with solid backgrounds. If you want to erase something in a picture with a more complex background, try using the Erase tool together with the Clone Stamp and Correction Patch tools.


Step 1 – Open the Remove Objects tab

From the Photo Studio start screen, select the Remove Objects tab in the right-hand panel. Then click “Edit”.

Remove objects tab


Step 2 – Select the items to remove

Using the selection brush, click on the items to remove. You can use the Brush Size slider to adjust the thickness of the brush. You can also experiment with other selection tools, such as the lasso.

Selecting people to remove


Step 3 – Erase and save

Once you’ve selected all the items to remove, click the Erase icon.  Finally, click “Save a copy” to return to the main Photo Studio workspace and continue editing your photo.

Result after erasing people


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